Motion Graphics

Here are three projects I’ve personally crafted using Adobe After Effects, pulling together assets from various sources to create engaging visual experiences. You can find them showcased on my YouTube Channel, where I’ve practiced crafting dynamic motion graphics and immersive video effects. 

The Planets of Our Solar System

This is a 120 second educational video depicting the 8 planets of our solar system. I used textures from SolarSystemScope and sphered them in After Effects to create the sphere planet shape. Music from Pixabay

Opulent Resort

This is a 90 second promotional video for a made up resort. I used assets from Adobe Stock and Pixabay along with personal photos from a group member.

Pair Eyewear Promotional

This is a 60 second promotional video for the online glasses company called Pair Eyewear. Assets from Adobe Stock and Pixabay.

Introduction Project

This was my first major project, a 60 second introduction video about myself! I used personal photos along with assets from Adobe Stock and Pixabay.

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