Here are two projects that I crafted using different programming languages and technologies to create applications. You can find them on my GitHub profile, where I’ve been sharing my coding journey and practicing my skills. I’m incredibly excited about the endless possibilities coding offers, and I’m eager to continue growing and learning in this field.

Show Me That Cat!

A comprehensive cat management system developed using PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. This application allows users to add cat profiles by inputting specific details such as name, age, gender, breed, and traits. You can also edit or delete an existing cat. The homepage features an organized display of all cats, with each image clickable to access detailed information. Users can filter cats based on various parameters like gender and age. It’s a project I built for managing cats efficiently, focusing on simplicity and ease of use.

Dinner With The Broz

An Android application developed solely using Android Studio, Java, and SQLite. It allows users to manage dinner recipes efficiently. Users can add new dinner profiles by inputting details such as name, ingredients, and steps. Additionally, they can delete existing recipes. The homepage displays all dinner recipes in an organized manner, with each recipe clickable to view detailed information. The app focuses on simplicity and ease of use for effective dinner management.

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