3D Modeling

Here are three projects I’ve taken on with SketchUp, each reflecting different things I enjoy and skills I’ve developed. I’ve recreated iconic movie structures, designed peaceful outdoor scenes, and crafted original house plans. These projects reflect my varied interests and evolving design skills.

Two-Story House Design

This is a two-story house that I designed. It has a spacious open layout for the first level while also including a bedroom with a bathroom. Upstairs, there two bedrooms and a bathroom sitting in between the room. The hallway leads to the viewing of the enterance.


This luxurious bathhouse was inspired by the bathhouse in one of my favorite movie’s ever, Spirited Away. Spirited Away is about a girl who finds herself in a mystical world and must work in a bathhouse for spirits to save her parents. It’s a captivating tale of adventure and self-discovery.

Outdoor Park

This is a tranquil part that has a gazebo overlooking the pond next to the watch tower. Tourists can sit inside the gazebo, by the pond, or even under the bell tower and enjoy the view from wherever they are.

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